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Just wanted to give a quick shout-out to our Design Team! They do top-notch work on standard websites and mobile sites! Here’s an email we JUST got: “Hello Thayne, I am speechless. I am not new to the website game and have dealt with companies in the past to create[...]

I Am Speechless…

This is what Calvin said about our DCS Partner Services: “Thanks for getting back to me so promptly…My business is really starting to take off and I can’t say enough good things about [DCS Partner Services]. I really feel fortunate that Russell Brunson and the Dot Com Secrets team decided[...]

Another Satisfied Consultant

DCS 30-day

…well at least his wallet is peachy. Ok, all joking aside this guy has had awesome results with DCS Local. He’s been able to close a whole handful of sales in his first two months and is making great residual profits. This is what he had to say about his[...]

Shayne Is a Southern Bell…


Ed, what a great guy. He works from home and cares for his wife who is often bed-ridden. He’s a busy man and doesn’t have much time to dedicate to a side business… but he did it anyway. Although Ed didn’t make his first sale within the recommended “first 30[...]

Better late then never

Cal Picture (1)

Calvin in Florida just had his first Dotcomsecrets Payday! I asked Calvin to tell me about his experience and this is what he said, “The package that I sold to win the 30 day challange was a $2,500 up front fee for a custom designed website and facebook fanpage and[...]

Calvin just got a $2,500 wire!


If you haven’t watched Greg’s video above watch it now! He and his partner have been doing local marketing like this for years but have never been able to ‘take it big’. Now with Dotcomsecrets Local he’s now able to bring on big clients just like the one he just[...]

Greg Gudson Gets Growing!

This was posted on our DCS Local members blog — unsolicited and completely from the heart. Just thought you’d like to hear a member from the inside: “Change: That is the one and only constant in this business, as soon as you get comfortable something some where gets changed or[...]

Superior Service


Dee Price, a great-grandmother, a sweetheart, and a 30 day challenge winner! Using her already-warm market connections Dee reached out to her local grocer and made her first sale! Ends up her grocer wears two hats and actually have a travel agency that needed our website creation services… who’d a[...]

Dee stands for Domination

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