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This was posted on our DCS Local members blog — unsolicited and completely from the heart. Just thought you’d like to hear a member from the inside:

“Change: That is the one and only constant in this business, as soon
as you get comfortable something some where gets changed or shaken up.
Sometimes it is a big shake up, sometimes it’s smaller… What I like
about the DCS-Local is their commitment to servicing their customers
with utmost support and integrity!!!

I am in another very well known network, and have been extreamly
disappointing about the level of service, the level of commitment, and
the lack of “true” care for their core clients… As such I was rather
surprised by the level of attention to clients, the level of access,
and the ability to a)pick up phone and call, b) use the real time chat
to get answers… Not 3 to 7 day turn around via support system, then
have to wait more for follow up and feed back on the initial inquiry!

Change is here to stay, and what matters most to me is how the
organization reacts and follows through with the changes and the
current environment of constant change. While DCS-Local may be slow in
reacting to this change, the solutions and new implementations to
these changes seem to be far superior and are not prone to breaking
things that are already working nor are we getting promises that are
unmet, and then take months to cobble solutions that are clunky and

I am not a “techie” and Russel and his team have never failed to act
on and deliver on their promise. Remember I am a paying customer just
like the rest of you, and I get no special treatment from the crew,
however I have been in many other programs and been around the block
several times. Most of all, the DCS-Local Crew can be reached, and you
can get a representative on the phone, personally 1 on 1… I have not
seen any one else pull this off in this market.”

~Samy Elashmawy

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