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Shayne Is a Southern Bell…

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…well at least his wallet is peachy. Ok, all joking aside this guy has had awesome results with DCS Local. He’s been able to close a whole handful of sales in his first two months and is making great residual profits. This is what he had to say about his first sale:

“I met my client through a client referral. I sold a Website Creation Package, plus Google, Bing, and Yahoo local page creation for $4220 set up.

The proposal called for $1,000/month SEO and I offered a 120-Day guarantee that I’d have his new site on pg 1 of Google for one of his keywords, or I’d work for free until we accomplished that.

When he called me two days after my presentation, he said he wanted to move forward, but since he was also starting some TV and radio advertising, he wanted to know how the plan could work if his monthly investment was only $500. I told him that the guarantee would then be 240 days since we’d be cutting the SEO efforts in half (I didn’t propose $1,000 because of the level of online competition…there’s actually not that much. I proposed $1K because the value of a single new customer for him is very high).

I’m very confident he’ll be on page 1 very quickly with a mix of SEO Silver followed by Link Blast Silver for 2-3 months.

I had also proposed a mix of video marketing every 2nd or 3rd month, which I’ll start after we get his new site ranking well.

(Client paid me cash and I didn’t want to take a cheesy pic with a handful of $100′s, lol…so I just showed the bank deposit slip in the picture.)”

Shayne Hall

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