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Russell — it must be in the name!

1st Check

And from out of nowhere Russell Viska from St Paul Minnesota hits a home run! I keep telling him the name must just carry with it success or something…

I asked Russell to summarize his story for me… check out what he said:

“I didn’t think I was going to be able to meet the challenge due to rotator cuff surgery. Numerous issues along with the drugs (they were good) that didn’t allow me to drive, or sometimes even think clearly. On Saturday, I was feeling better and off drugs, so on Sunday, arm in sling and all, I attended the local home expo. I talked to a few exhibitors, didn’t even have business cards, but wrote down my link to the webinar (100customers.notlong.com). On Tuesday I got 1 automated response. I Googled the name and came up with a business name which I researched.

I called on Wednesday morning and drove 57 miles to meet them that afternoon. When I was able to tell them about their company history, BBB rating, and website on the first visit, they were blown away. On Thursday I contacted the concierge number for advice and put together a proposal. I met them at 8 PM at a Perkins half way between us and came away with a check for $6065.00 and a contract for $3011.00 recurring monthly.

They also gave me a stack of awesome promotional material and factual information which will be very helpful for building and maintaining their webpage. Thanks Russell! (Sorry about the [McDonalds] picture, I just couldn’t help myself.) ”

What a guy! Russell just came down and visited us here at a local event we had in Boise and we were all impressed. He’s a sharp guy with a strong drive and the most impressive thing about him was how willing he is to jump in with both feet and get to work! Keep up the good work Russell and keep the cash rollin’ in!

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