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Dee stands for Domination


Dee Price, a great-grandmother, a sweetheart, and a 30 day challenge winner! Using her already-warm market connections Dee reached out to her local grocer and made her first sale! Ends up her grocer wears two hats and actually have a travel agency that needed our website creation services… who’d a thunk?

Dee brought in $2500.00 from that sale alone and is excited to get a great website up and running for her first client!

Ends up Certs are hard to come by in Dee’s neighborhood and this grocer is the one who carries the kind her husband likes… so they had some good face time.

I asked Dee for a family picture and she wants you to know that, “this is an old picture – the baby just turned 10. Besides, I’ve got a family pic but there’s too many of us in it…”

That’s great Dee. We love family! And we’ll be sending you your 30 day challenge winner shirt!

So let Dee be your inspiration… If Dee Can Do It WE Can Do It!

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