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Another Success Story!? Exactly.


So you’ll never guess who our next success story helped… A Pizzaria! It’s a new one in his town and they didn’t have any marketing setup.

They needed a website, monthly Search Engine Optimization, Google, Bing, and Yahoo Places listings, etc.

He even went the extra mile and setup a facebook fan page, twitter account, and a mobile app for android and apple phones.

How much did he make for this great find?  $6,300 upfront and $1000 monthly.

 So who is this mystery consultant? His name is JP. We asked him some questions about his experience so far. Check it out!

JP makes $14,000 as his own boss!

Q: Tell us about yourself and your life before DCS Local…

I’m 23 years old and have been working towards some sort of career in marketing, sales and entrepreneurship but I didn’t know what. Up until last year when I found DCSL I was forced to work a 9 to 5 job in the financial sector because I couldn’t afford to work my own business.  Over the years I had done my best to get businesses off the ground by working on them part time but the work load to start a business was too much and I never made enough money to continue.

My fiance, Kat, was hit by a car in Janurary of 2011 and so our income was cut in half.  We’ve been going into debt paying for most of her therapy out of pocket while the court date is being set.

With Dot Com Secrets Local I was finally able to focus on building client relationships and not have to worry about the back end service.  I’m now working full time on my own marketing consulting business and I’m able to work and live from home.  I have just sold my condo and am now finally in a home.

Q: How much money have you made so far if you don’t mind me asking?

So far I have made approximately $14,000 using some of Dot Com Secret Local and my own services in the past 2 months. I have only started working the business full time for 1 month now.

Q: Tell us about your goals before you started and now… What are your plans with the money you made so far?

At this current moment I plan to be able to pay off my debt.  Afterwards I plan to use my income to build a new home and carriage house on the property I live on.  In the future I plan to build a charitable foundation which will help educate young adults on how to be entrepreneurial.

If you haven’t watched the webinar yet, Watch It Here!

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